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 Smashing Pumpkins / Beautiful Stumble it

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PostSubject: Smashing Pumpkins / Beautiful Stumble it   Mon Feb 25, 2008 5:05 am

Smashing Pumpkins / Beautiful Stumble it!

[A] [G] [D/F# *] [A]
Beautiful, youre beautiful, as beautiful as the sun
[A] [G] [D/F# *] [E]
Wonderful, youre wonderful, as wonderful as they come
[A] [E] [D]
And I cant help but feel attached
[D/F# **][A] [E] [D]
To the feelings I cant even match
[D/F# **][A] [E] [D]
With my face pressed up to the glass
[E] [G]
wanting you

VERSE 2 same as verse 1

[D] [E] [A] [F#m]
And Im sure you know me well
[D] [E] [A]
As Im sure you dont
[D] [E] [A] [F#m]
But you just cant tell
[D] [E] [A] [F#m]
Who you love and who you wont no,no
[D] [E] [A]
Who you love and who you wont

the [A] continues over to when the guitar leads come in

[A] [G] [D] [F] [A]
And I love you
[A] [G] [D] [F] [A]
As you love me
[A] [G] [D] [F]
[A] [G] [D] [F]
[A] [G] [D] [F] [A]
So let the clouds roll by your face
[A] [G] [D] [F] [A]
well let the world spin on to another place
[A] [G] [D] [F] [A]
well climb the tallest tree above it all
[A] [G] [D] [E]
to look down on you and me and them

CHORUS (same as first chorus)
END (same as chorus, but Ill do it anyway)

[D] [E] [A] [F#m]
Dont let your life wrap up a-round you
[D] [E] [A] [F#m]
Dont forget to call whenever
[D] [E] [A] [F#m]
Ill here just waiting for you
[D] [E] [A] [F#m]
Ill be under your stars forever, neither
[D] [E] [A] [F#m]
here nor there just right beside you
.you got it.

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Smashing Pumpkins / Beautiful Stumble it
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